I got a real acupuncture!

The data looks like what’s on YouTube. So I’ve always wondered what it feels like to get an Acupuncture, you know you know those things with the needles and whatever.

And then it just put heels on you and it makes your nervous system feel great, so yeah I’m going to head over to acupuncture Ickx to meet up with tomorrow, and then she is going to give me my first acupuncture. So wish me luck! Hi, so, I’m here at acupuncture with Tamara, and she is going to be giving me my first Acupuncture so any advice before we get started to relax gonna be a lot a lot easier than you think it feels really good Okay, let’s go there. We go I Gotta take my shirt off for this one oracle, so we funnel my poppet okay, I’m friends for real Huh, I imagine that you’re nervous. I’m nervous! Thanks to this pairing a hedgehog alright new usually it’s impaired her babies in his off, but it’s again colleges work with Ben. We’re gonna put him right here okay, and he’s just relaxing with you all guys is very nervous, but serious here for me, and hopefully, everything will be okay. The person will wipe you down with alcohol, and the needles are really really tight whipping off with you, so your blood was drawn at the doctor I think a bit about 15 of my needle in there.

That’s cool They’re so what the benefits are of? Acupuncture, so acupuncture helps rebalance your whole nervous system, you have your sympathetic nervous system Which is your fight or flight, and then you have your parasympathetic nervous system your relaxed arrest is identical, So it helps to sing leave a lot your parents. I said, I’m nervous doesn’t help to relax, and it helps your own body create Chemicals that help you to kind of bounce back out and get back into like the ideal state for you. Oh lolz! So the meals are just a tool to help your own body fix itself, and it works for all kinds of things that works for pain. It works for stressed. Does it work for Insomnia? Having a little being close all of you migraine headaches, okay? Yeah Yeah, so it’s good to know I get migraines a lot and I just like what are the main reasons quiet doing this is to Help relieve it and make it go away, right yep, okay? Whew, comment down below to get migraines like meat.

Are you ready? Right, wait what you’re going to feel first is this plastic Tube. This is not being evil connect it like that Oh good okay, and that’s helping me guys in Sean’s place There you go me, Alvin, whoa. And again, it’s good. Oh Yeah, I’m not that way okay, so okay Yeah, sometimes there’s like a little little strong sensation in the beginning it like goes away, but we know what’s good about that Little song sensation, in the beginning, is that we know that your nervous system is paying attention so well and it’s going to work well okay, so Whoa? Oh yeah? Twelve hours ago got a ride with it. Is it a cool thing to know that like it’s getting in there and going to make some good changes Whoa watch? Without that one, but it’s both goods that’s the one you came in feeling a little bit sick today, and that one check up a little bit you have a lot of nerve endings in your hands and a lot of those nerves actually go right up to your clients and that such as way-O Was know what’s going you can do it you can stay right over here except Relax pointlessly, but all your Muster neck see you can even tell Yes, I oh, okay all that Good like legit.

I feel fine being angry there. It is awesome count on him. Acupuncture is really old like 4000 years old. Oh, Expunge turkey from China. Oh, okay There are earliest recorded books that we had or like around 2,000 years old Are there actual book and telling you about how to do it and what this what every six are pretty neat How did I figure it out help will put you here is what happened? I think probably yes, especially a lot but face what? They don’t push up Hmm interested That was cool, and we call that one yin tong And it’s a shipload it stimulates the pineal gland which makes Melatonin and helps to relax people You could know in fact most of most of my patients fall asleep right on the table.

Oh, man. I might do that I’m so tired right here. Yes Sometimes a little strong, but they work so nicely. Oh thought that like we put it in Vibrated by setting goals it came out. It did something goes yeah, look we what’s the migraine point? Well depends on you to tell me that you’re at my current owners have been there, So I’m going to simulate at that point, but also actually the ones in your hands of Really helpful profound a lot for a migraine. I know it sounds weird that something in your hand would help your head But you actually have nerves that are going up and down area so oh it all Reflects different parts of your body then so what I’m going to do is actually bring a tuning fork out It’s just a really cool way to kind of shift your consciousness to shift yourself into like Signaling that it’s time to relax and let them work focus They’re going to vibrate them on either side cool okay, and I’m going to move harry for second We have but one billiard okay gordo just want to do this one right here is called Rent 17, And it helps to simulate all your energy works like ginseng almost for the body, And it’s going to help you revive you okay? Which said your ass, maybe so Sorry low heat inhale and a positive huff hold it and then exhale and when you just come down and Relax you can kind of let your body sink under the table and The Needles are going to start working on your nervous system And them kind of starts as soon as they feel a little tingly sometimes you feel switching Or they almost feel like a pattern while your nervous system is working through the body is pretty cool So just kind of tune into that And let your body just laugh to hear it yeah Okay time for you to rest with you in about 20 minutes you Welcome back.

Did you fall asleep? Okay, okay Good a lot of people fall asleep. No hacking lesser because it really is no relaxing that way can you ask oh? Yeah, take some slow deep breath We get at costs already just sometimes because there’s a lot of nerves here. They might get a little positive like this one, so That one’s pretty cool people ask for it bru’s yeah, I like to have that one on my things Oh, yeah, that one. I felt the angriest relaxing like before this I felt like a balloon, so Goodbye starts random open Whenever the Needles came in Deflated it made me relax, but good and then in the end.

I felt my body Sink, it was working really smooth really body rich Quick shout-out to Harry comment down below if you want harry would have to come here meet him who do attend Tom better click right now like 15 minutes Is there like a technique people usually do absolutely getting one of these sessions that like make but make certain movements um Just stretching making fun of you, Brett feeling grounded Yeah, hello 3 months to water today.

I feel I could do a backflip even though I can’t I’m going to run like 10 miles all you do like anything. Wow, I have a big fan in the building come here Hey, come here. Oh, You want to say anything to all everyone watching right now? I’m an ex Ex car expect on YouTube, please subscribe Alright You, very sure Alright, well anyways. I hope you enjoyed today’s video That was extremely amazing special thing to tomorrow for giving me my first session It was great absolutely anything so if you want to experience an Acupuncture or a cupping session on the same table that I did in mind that you can book at www.hsn a Pu Pu + K Pri xcom and just mention guava juice And you’ll get $20 off your first session everything will be in the link in description below check it out.

This is cool Wow amazing. I feel like I could fly it out because you know okay. I gotta fly got a blast apply to you, okay.