Shiatsu Massage Tips & Techniques : How to Use Shiatsu for a Migraine Headache

Shiatsu, originating from Japan has been used for centuries to treat the energy system of the body for health and wellness. Hi, my name is Ristina Jergo. I’m a shiatsu, a Japanese massage practitioner. I’m going to speak a little bit about shiatsu for migraines, to help with migraine headaches. The first point we’ll use, talk about in the web between the thumb and the first finger is large intestine four. This is a great point for treating overall for the whole head, so no matter where the pain is originating, just giving it some light or deep massage can be very helpful. And if there is a point, areas that particularly feel tender that’s usually a good sign you are in the right location. Doing the massage about thirty seconds is a good amount of time to start, and you can do both hands. Then follow it up with this over the whole head. We go to the head and treat some locations. Above the eyebrows go about half an inch; there’s a little groove.

For this is particularly helpful for headaches that are in the frontal area and also the sides. So, I like to do is little circles in this location and just close my eyes and relax, and with the pressure just feel the muscles underneath relaxing, freeing up, clearing of any pain. Another great acupuncture point is the side of the temples just behind the bone here; around the orbit of the eye.

This one; I do more of a flat surface pressure. Some people might prefer deeper, but just overall kind of just pressure and bigger circles; again, closing the eyes, and if a dark room is helpful that can also be beneficial. Relaxing the muscles; you can also use the breath. Let out any tension in the head. Then there are some points; particularly if a migraine is going to the back of the head, above the ear. Go about an inch above the ear, applying pressure points for headaches here; particularly if it feels good to apply pressure, and moving around the ear.

This helps get some of the migraine headaches that also are in the back of the head or the occiput. And that’s it today from acupressure points that you can use before and also during migraine headaches, to help.

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