How to Locate Proper Acupuncture Points

Did you realize there are over three hundred and sixty-five acupuncture points in the body?

Hi, my name is Christina Jergo. I’m an acupuncturist. I’m going to speak a little bit today, about how to locate proper acupuncture points. Acupuncture, a system of health modality, developed from China, over five thousand years ago. With the insertion of acupuncture points in the body, bring about health and wellness to the individual, and while I might use acupuncture needles to insert and stimulate the points for the desired effect. Pressure, what we call acupressure, is also an effective way to stimulate the points, so I’m going to speak about a few of them today. This first one, Large Intestine 4, is located between the thumb, and the first finger, in the web of the hand.

This acupuncture point is effective for the face. It sends energy to the face so that it can be helpful for the teeth, and dental health, as well as colds, cases of flu in the face, sinus congestion, helps keep the eyes clear and healthy, and also very good for headaches and migraines. Going up the arm and the elbow, we have an acupuncture point called Large Intestine 11. This point is located, if you bend your arm, follow the crease of the elbow, crease there to the end, and there’s a little divot there.

This is the place to apply pressure. Large intestine 11, is very helpful for clearing heat out of the body. This might be heating such as hot flashes, or it could be the fever. It could also be dental health, if a lot of cavities, is a sign of heat, as well. This is stimulating. This can be very helpful. Also as a large intestine point, it’s good for constipation, and getting things moving. A third point, we’re going to look at the head, next. At the top of the head, is called Governor Vessel 20, or byway. To find this point, you use your ears. Make a line from the bottom to the top of the ear. Follow it upwards, to the top of the head.

This is how you find the point, and this is a great point to use for increasing energy in the body. If there’s fatigue, you want to increase endurance. Also good for elevating mood, so for depression, we call it the happy point. The next point is on the leg. I’m going to bring up my leg here. Use the hand. Using the forefingers as a measurement of 3-sun, so we use that from the ankle, next to the bone, to the end of the forefingers. There’s a point called Spleen 6. This is a great point for women’s health. It brings blood and nourishment to the body. It’s also good for premenstrual cramping, or just for, because the spleen is associated with digestion. Also for strengthening digestion, helping with any bloating, indigestion, so as I mentioned before, there are over three hundred and sixty-five acupuncture points in the body. We went over a few today, that is very good for overall health, and longevity. Hope it’s been beneficial, and you can use it as part of your life, and maintenance.

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